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May 10, 2011

The Difference Between Prescription Drugs and Street Drugs

The difference between prescription drugs and street drugs is that prescription drugs are given by prescription from a doctor whereas street drugs are sold by dealers on the streets.

There is no real difference, fundamentally, between the drugs falling under these two labels. Actually, there is a blending even across that line, because drugs that you’re only supposed to be able to obtain with a prescription are still available from drug dealers, and drugs that commonly sold on the street are often available as well by prescription, depending on what state that you live in.

Every drug is different in terms of its properties, its potency and its psychoactive effects. Any drug can be abused. Any drug can cause overdose and death. Almost any psychoactive drug can result in addiction and dependency.

Most drugs, whether they’re prescription drugs or street drugs, if they have a mental effect, will cause withdrawal. No drug is safe unless used in the exact dosage prescribed by a doctor by the exact person it was prescribed to.

Prescription drug abuse is a widespread epidemic, just like street drug abuse. Many street drugs were originally prescription medications. MDMA, also known as ecstasy, was developed by the pharmaceutical company Merck. Heroin was developed by Bayer. Valium and morphine and LSD, as well as cocaine, were all promoted by the medical community at one time or another.

You could say that prescription drugs follow the pattern of being advertised as a wonder drug, and then harming too many people, and then being banned and only available from drug dealers.

A cynic could say that pharmacies sell the new drugs and that drug dealers sell the “old hat” drugs. There are many medications that do help people. The potential for abuse, however, can’t be overlooked.

If you know someone who is abusing drugs, whether they’re street drugs or prescription drugs, they need help. You can help them by getting them to a drug rehabilitation program designed to assist them. Whether they are abusing OxyContin and other pain pills, or other types of prescriptions, assistance is available. Call our hotline now at 1-877-340-3602.

We will help you find an effective Oxycontin abuse rehab.

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